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Vascular Anomalies in ClevelandWhat are vascular anomalies?

Dr. Ali Totonchi specializes in providing treatment for vascular anomalies for patients in Cleveland, Lyndhurst and Westlake, OH. Vascular anomalies are group conditions that occur when there is an abnormal growth on the patient body with the origin of artery, vein, lymph vessels, or combination of them. This group of diseases could occur by itself or as a combination of other problems, some of which are self-limiting and others requiring aggressive treatment.

Infantile hemangiomas are the most common example of vascular anomalies, but there are more serious cases of vascular anomalies that also exist.  These types of vascular anomalies not only affect the appearance of the patient, but in most cases, interfere with the function of the body part affected.  Some of the vascular anomalies that we see are present at birth, and there are also some that develop soon after the child is born. Proper diagnosis is the key to appropriate management.

What are the different vascular anomalies like?

Dr. Ali Totonchi uses ISSVA classification for vascular anomalies, which classifies these anomalies to two major groups: vascular tumors and vascular malformations. Vascular tumors are like infantile hemangiomas, congenital hemangiomas, and angiosarcoma. Vascular malformations, on the other hand, include capillary malformation, lymphatic malformation, venous malformation and combined forms.

  • Hemangiomas – these are dense collections of small blood vessels or capillaries that are dilated.  These types of vascular anomalies are not cancerous and can appear anywhere in the body.  It grows very rapidly and will eventually shrink over time. The remnant of shrunken lesion may require surgical removal, some of which may need close attention, treatment, or surgery during rapid growth.
  • Vascular Malformations – unlike hemangiomas, vascular malformations grow as the child grows and do not shrink. It can also affect surrounding tissue and may cause them to overdevelop, under develop, or to be disfigured. There are several types of vascular malformations such as arteriovenous malformations, capillary malformations, combined vascular malformations, lymphatic malformations, and venous malformations.
  • Vascular Tumors – vascular tumors are very rare and can be very serious because of the possibility that they may be malignant or cancerous.  Patients with vascular tumors should also work hand in hand with an oncologist for its proper management and treatment.  The types of vascular tumors are: Angiosarcoma, hemangioendothelioma, and hemangiopericytom. It should be stressed that not all of the vascular tumor are cancerous.

What treatment is available for patients with vascular anomalies?

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Totonchi, the treatment of vascular anomalies for patients varies from person to person and should be customized to fit the need of the patient. Some of the common treatments employed for vascular anomalies are as follows:

  • Sclerotherapy – is effective in shrinking venous and lymphatic malformations and has few side effects or complications compared to other treatments
  • Laser therapy – for patients in Cleveland, OH, this is a good treatment option for superficial lesions like capillary malformation
  • Embolization and vascular imaging
  • Surgery

If you suspect that your child may have a vascular anomaly, please give us a call today in our Cleveland, OH office at (216) 778-2262 or click here to shcedule an appointment with Dr. Ali Totonchi to get more information and proper treatment for your child.


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